Job-Killing Policy In California and Its Implication

The last California public policy of hiking its minimum wage to $20 an hour for fast-food worker may lead to the rise of cost of living in California. Despite, California being home for some of the most expensive place of earth, California's government's newest minimum wage policy might further deepens the wealth gap in California. When was fast-food related jobs are no longer treated as entry level service jobs, it negatively impacts the tradition of society. Subsequently, fast-food no longer relates to cheap and convenience but rather a weekend luxury or even a luxury unfortunate families no longer can afford. 

Fast food joints have been the supporting pillar of American Culture, and western world. The surge of fast-food's prices will be seen as a declaration of war towards middle to lower class of society, the gap between rich and poor will be drifted further apart. 

Will this surge of fast-food's prices spread across the globe? or will it be a temporary change in policy in California?

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