Bioprinting and the future of agriculture

In recent year, we have seen the growing break-through research of lab grown meat and utilization of plant cells. Until recently developing living materials from plant cells was difficulty and limited. However, scientist in China has developed method of modifying plants cell with customizable behavior and capacities via 3D printing technology. 

Although bioprinting technology remains new and juvenile technology, the technology is expected to evolve and matured throughout the next 10 years. However, the time for mass production via Bioprinting is yet to come. The long-term effects of consuming lab grown products are yet to be research and conduct in longer time-span. Therefore, It is difficult of anyone to judge the viability of lab grown products as a food source in the future. 

The maturing of lab grown products will never overtake the needs for naturally agriculture products as the factor of cultures are to be considered when culinary habits are to be impacted. However, there lies a slim possibility of lab grown products being fully adapted by people around the world in dire situation where prices of crops and poultry surges unreasonably. 

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