Sourcing Method

In MCBK, We have our very own data-based and partners we carry. We are involved in multiple different fields across different industries. We have our own due diligence system in security checking the fraudulent possibility of each transaction for the utmost safest experience.

We aim to provide more than just sourcing service but rather comprehensive CRM (Customer Relation Management) among our clients and partners, because it is our mission to achieve long-term relationship among our clients and partners.

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mining & Metals

  • Food Products

  • Agriculture

  • Coming Soon

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Where We Sourced Our Partners

We partnered with all sorts of companies across the world. However, we mainly focus in High Standards manufacturers and Products. Our partners are prominently from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Quality First

In the sea of manufacturers across the world, We pride our-self in partnering with manufacturers producing up to and above industry standards quality of products.

We assess each situation and needs of our clients, then after we connect our clients to the suitable partners.

In MCBK, each client's situation is unique and required tailored attention.

  • Consult

    All procedure in MCBK starts with Consult. Further understanding of our client's situation allows us to provide a much in-depth sourcing service. We often questions ourself as a medium of 'How can us improves our client's situation and creates long-term relationship among buyer and seller'.

  • Connect

    After understanding of client's situation, we filter through our databased in seek of the most compatible partners we carry. We administer and processes each transaction, ensuring the utmost frictionless and smooth experience.

  • Cooperate

    After the initial connection is forged, we maintain high quality CRM (Customer Relation Management) between buyer and seller at Zero Cost. It is our duty to provide and manage the good relationship between our partners and clients.