Growth of Technology and Needs for Metals

The rise of AI Revolution and technology advancement are the ultimate catalyst for the growing needs for metals. The needs for such Metals (gold, silver, steel, and processed metals) are only to continuously grow for the years to come. Despite of our current economic downturn situation, the needs for Metals will eventually rise as the global political situation calms down as anticipated by our experts.

  • Gold & Silver


  • Steel

    Iron Ore Pellet

    Pig Iron

    Semi-Finished Products (Slabs, Square Billets)

    Pre-painted galvanized steel
    steel with colored
    anti-corrosion coating
    Cold Roll Steel
    Hot rolled pickled steel
    Hot rolled Steel
    Galvanized Steel
    Rooftop –pre-painted galvanized
    steel for roofing systems
    Shaped Rolled Products
    Reinforcing bars
    Large diameter pipes
    Special Tubes
    Shaped tubes

  • Processed Products & Etc

    Standard ropes
    Special ropes
    Pc Strands
    Cold Drawn Steel
    Steel shaped profile
    Steel fibre
    Cut Wire shot


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